Smart Backup Pro Remote Backup System

Backup is something that must be done every day. If you have 10 employees and your server crashes before the backup you lose 10 days of work. What if you only backup once a week, it will be very costly.

We take care of your backup, from the beginning to the end. We encrypt your backup and store in a secure facility.

We are different from our competitors since we can actually come to your site to help you out. If your server crash and you need to restore 200 gb that will take a very long time over the internet. We can restore it to disk and bring you're the backup. We get you back up and running quicker than our competitor since we are just down the street from you. We regularly check your backup to make sure its working. We are your provider so we want you to succeed.

We offer a free trial so you have nothing to lose. We will assist you in getting started.

Just give us a call today at 281-970-1234 or email us at


The software interface is the same for Servers, desktops, and laptops, Insanely simple to use. You can install it and be running your first backup in less than 15 minutes. Just as simple are the restores. The restore options let you select the files and versions that you want and the system restores them either to the original location or an alternate that you select.


Under the friendly exterior lies powerful fully customizable features that help you get the job done. Full support for Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Open file and VSS support. Configuration options for Bandwidth usage and CPU Priority and as well as a virus scanner if you choose. Underlying it all is a block level backup that only sends the changed portions of files saving bandwidth and insure a quick efficient backup.

Cost effective

For less than you can purchase and maintain a tape backup system we provide you with secure offsite backup. No more worrying if tapes were changed, if the data on them is intact, or should you take one home with you. You can also even use our software to backup to a local NAS or USB device for double redundancy.


It all happens while you sleep. Backups are run, reports are create, emails are sent. You can have one all inclusive backup, or run multiple departmental, and applications backups. The marketing managers laptop on the road and the workstation at the owners home office all happen seamlessly and you control it. You simply wake up to find one of the most important responsibilities an IT Admin faces each day is done.


Encrypted, compressed and sent to servers in a high security data center rated SOC2 Type II. Stored encrypted on redundant hard disks and safe for the time when you need it. This is the a new higher level of backup protection. More secure and redundant than tapes and local storage and easier to use.

Peace of Mind

It all comes down to this. Your business is important and so is your data. Why take chances? For less than the cost of a cup of coffee each day you can be protected. All your data saved each day securely offsite, then restored at a moment's notice. That's smart business.

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