Smart IT offers a range of planning, resolution and implementation services. Our years in the industry mean you get robust proven technics that provide the solutions you need to keep your business running smoothly.

Cloud deployment

Need professional help designing and implementing a cloud solution? Why not let the guys who build clouds for a living help you build yours. Seasoned professional engineers who can help you get it done right.

Email Troubleshooting

Over the years we have helped many companies resolve issues with their in house email systems including Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2007, and 2003, SmarterMail, IMail and others. Maybe you have been told you are blacklisted. Problems with delivery and consistency are frustrating and can threaten your company's image and credibility. Call us, in many cases we can get your email working today.

Cloud Integration

Today being out on the cloud is not enough. You need to integrate your business and your cloud presence into one. And you need to do it securely. It's your data, your customer's private information, and your company's livelihood. Come to the professionals that know how to do it right and keep it safe.

On Call and Remote Support

Need a hand, or a friendly, knowledgeable, experienced staff person onsite? We can help.

When you need it, and you need it right away. Bundled with Maintenanc;: Remote Support handles IT issues - FASTER. A quicker resolution that saves you time and money.

Managed Services

It is a fact, a regularly maintained network will run longer with fewer issues and less down time giving you a better ROI. Why not get what your business needs at reduced rates and enjoy the benefits of added features included at no extra cost. Feature like Remote Support, 24 x 7 x 365 server and network health monitoring, and a guaranteed response time.

Applications and Database Development

Custom applications are common place today. What is not common is a company with a top down view that can manage projects, databases, and website development with your goals in mind. Time proven, experienced and ready to make your ideas become a reality.

24/7 Monitoring

A proactive solution. It's Simple, too simple. With monitoring you reduce both your risk and the time it takes to resolve issues by up to 80%. By monitoring the health of your servers and network you can be notified of many impending issues before they cause problems. Problems that rob your company's time, money and productivity.

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