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Why are we Simply Smarter Email? Email is what we do. We do it better offering you more ways to work, more securely, and for less money than if you maintained your own mail server. At Smart Mail, we believe every company that relies on email for communications can benefit from our secure email hosting service. We believe you should not have to be experts in email or shoulder the expense of having to maintain your own hardware, software, and security systems just to provide your employees with reliable email. Smart Mail means our services allow you to concentrate on your business and let us handle the task of managing email services with the assurance that your business communications will be delivered reliably and safely.

Better services, less work for you at a lower cost - Simply Smarter Email!

And we have been doing it for a long time. We were there proving Hosted Internet Services before email was the essential business application that is today. So if stability is important, you have come to the right company to meet your needs.

Today we have some of the most advanced email and communications services available anywhere. Furthermore, we believe that your email should be safe, secure and work the way that you need it to. Our years of expertise in the email business have resulted in one of the highest performance Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam systems on the market today. We do that for two reasons, to keep you and your employees safe and operating efficiently, and to provide a healthy network environment for our servers which results in more reliable service for you. So in the end it's all about You.

Business Only - Smart Mail hosting specializes in Business Email only. This approach means that we can concentrate on what businesses need resulting in a more streamlined and productive end result.

  • User your Existing Email Software
  • Webmail
  • Virtually Eliminate Spam and Virus
  • Mobile Access from Phone, iPad, Tablet
  • Large Attachments
  • Receive Existing Email
  • Share Calendars
  • Share Contacts
  • Share Task Lists

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